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Mission: Desert, Exploring Cougar Buttes


Straddling the Johnson and Lucerne Valleys, Cougar Buttes is a playground for dirt bike and off-roading adventures, while also catering to campers and hikers alike. Follow us on a day mission with our friends from Wilco Offroad to explore Cougar Buttes.

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34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0500

Every mission or adventure requires preparation for the unknown. Critical gear is only helpful if you have the right bags or backpacks to carry it all. 5.11 Tactical® teamed up with its friends from Wilco Offroad, the expedition vehicle company, to pack up a variety of gear for a day of dirt biking and hiking in the desert.

34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0600
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W  |  0600

Like most adventures, they are made better by the people you bring along for the ride. After a quick pit stop to confirm the plan and top-off the gas tanks, the crew were on their way down CA-247 towards Johnson Valley.

34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0630
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W  |  0630
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0700
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W  |  0700
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0715
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W  |  0715
Cougar Buttes can be accessed from Barstow on CA-247 or from Victorville on CA-18/CA-247. Sandy trails and electrical towers guide the way.
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0730
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W  |  0730
After a few miles of (relatively) smooth terrain, it quickly turns into a maze of sandy paths that require keen driving and directional skills to ensure safe arrival.
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0745
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W  |  0745
Leverage one of the past sites and fire pits; there are several ideal locations to make your own. Next step, unload the gear.
Mission: Desert, Loadouts

Leave nothing behind with the full line of 5.11 Tactical® duffle bags. The Wilco crew packed out the Mission Ready 2.0, CAMS (Carry All My Stuff) 2.0 and Rush LBD Lima to take on their day of riding and hiking the Cougar Butte terrain.

*Featured Mission Ready 2.0

34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0815
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0900
“I was able to bring all the clothes I needed along with the equipment that was slated for the day. Peripherals easily were added to the outer pouches, while mainstay items like jeans, sweatshirts and shoes fit the compartment. Plenty of nooks, crannies and pockets for everything."
E. Williams From Wilco Offroad
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 0930
Boasting 166 liter total capacity, the “Carry All My Stuff” can hold it all - and then some. Made of 1600 Denier Nylon with reinforced rigid ends and bottoms this bag is sure to stand up to tough travel conditions.
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1000
“Sturdy, expandable and very well thought through. Each zipper pulled or pocket opened revealed another “Aha” moment showing off great uses of space."
E. Williams From Wilco Offroad
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1030
With a roomy main compartment and MOLLE platform inside, this bag allows you to customize your storage and provides versatile carrying options.
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1045
Our adaptable Tactical Carry-All, this bag converts easily from a heavy-duty bag to an easy-to-carry backpack, helping you free your hands to carry other important gear.
Mission: Desert, Ride

If you're packing for short trips from the campsite, you need versatile backpack options. We packed the bare essentials (ie. water bladder, First Aid Kit, multi-tool, etc.) and headed out for a few hours on the bikes. Unlike more aggressive sport riding, the crew gears up for a more casual free ride to cruise the area.

34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1300
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1340
Made with super soft and stretchy Sateen/Cotton Blend, this functional pant fits great, contains low-profile pockets and has the ability to be worn as an ankle or boot cut pant.
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1400
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1430
This jean lives up to its name. Made from a performance flex fabric, you can spend a day riding or on the firing line and you will have all day comfort and mobility.
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1500
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1545
When out riding, making sure that you are packed and prepared for anything is essential. This bag held “Trail tools, Maps, a First Aid Kit, Shell Jacket, Spot Tracker, and a Hydration pack bladder.”
L. Wronski from Wilco Offroad
Mission: Desert, Hike

After a long day of travel and riding, we packed up a couple of backpacks with our favorite snacks and beverages and hiked (or should we say, climbed) the boulders to catch the sun setting on the horizon. This is the way to end a day at Cougar Buttes.

34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1700
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1930
While off the grid, Always Being Ready is key. We’ve partnered with Goal Zero to offer the Nomad 7 Solar Panel when you spend $299 or more on 511tactical.com
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1800
From the streets to the dirt, the Rapid Quad Zip is your go-to backpack. It features the ultimate in all-access storage including ample pockets, MOLLE attachments and a U-Zip main compartment giving access on all four corners.
34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1830
Including waist straps with magazine storage, a MOLLE platform and ample hydration storage, this backpack is an everyday option while heading out on the trail.

5.11® would like to thank our friends from Wilco Offroad for setting out on this adventure and adopting the Always Be Ready mindset.

34.4756° N, 116.8131° W | 1900